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 Porcupine date is a rare "stone" that found in the stomach of a porcupine.
 Porcupine is a mammalian that live in forests. It has a coat of sharp spines
 that defend them from predators. It is herbivore. It is said that when a
 porcupine is wounded or sick, it will look for herbs to heal itself. As the
 healing progress, stone may form in the stomach.
 As the body system, genetic build up, and the environment where the porcupine
 get herbs for healing are different from each other, hence the outlook, the
 smoothness, the size, the quality, and the colours of the porcupine dates that
 formed are different.
 The porcupine date that stay longer in the body of the porcupine may has
 bigger size, much more medicament properties, and hence better quality.
 However, not all porcupines produce porcupine date in their bodies, and if it
 does one porcupine only can form one porcupine date each. This is why
 porcupine dates are of precious price. 
 There are 3 types of porcupine dates, namely,
 1. "Blooded",
 2. "Powdery", this type of porcupine date is found in much stronger
  porcupine. It is of the best quality among all types and hence it
  is the most expensive type of porcupine dates. It has smooth surface
  and it is much more harder when compared to other types of porcupine
 3. "Grassy", this type of porcupine date has more coarser surface when
  compared to the other two types. It is of greenish brown colour.
  Although it is among the cheapest porcupine date it is of good quality
  as well.

 The differences depend on the regions where the porcupines are found. Nowadays,
 the "blooded" is not common. The "powdery" and the "grassy" types are as good.
 In tradition, porcupine date had been used as medicine by hill tribes in the
 Southern China and South-East Asia. Olden Chinese medical text had recorded the
 uses of porcupine date. It is used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, natural
 antibody, immunization booster, and body-detox.
 Today, the porcupine date is well-known in Chinese society in South-East Asia.
 It is widely used by the Chinese Malaysian as an alternative medicine in the
 treatment of cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, throat infection,
 pneumonia and others.

 Children :  0.188 g
 Adult      :  0.375 g
 Take one to three times a day, depend on individual health conditions.
 Dissolve the powder in the mouth directly, or dissolve it in a table spoon
 with water. It is best taken with an empty stomach.
       Medicinal value of porcupine date:
      Now with the advancement of medicine through research also confirmed the porcupine date
        there is some in the medical efficacy and value.
        It is obvious some of the following symptoms have additional medicinal properties.
        After surgery:
        After surgery to resolve the general side effects such as pain, fever, help quickly recover.
       Can help analgesic; resolve chemotherapy, some of the side effects of radiotherapy  
       after phlegm detoxification, immune cells help make rapid rebirth, control and alleviate the condition.
       Liver disease:
       the virus can quickly heat solution, purulent inflammation, 
       enhance immune function to recover rapidly.
       Various kinds of inflammation:
       a very efficient detoxification, drainage, anti-inflammatory,
      blood, tissue regeneration, analgesic efficacy, treatment of mosquito disease
      for skin diseases, malignant sore, cardiovascular sclerosis, chills, heart qi pain, 
      stomach pain and other ailments have a certain effect.
      In the health sector, for the prevention of cancer, to work late at night,
      excessive alcohol, work pressure is also very suitable for a family.
 Help immune cells quickly reborn!!

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