2013 12 months Result in Assessment, My Pets . My Herb Lawn

2013 Year End in Review, My Pets . My Herb Garden

Logo new yr 2014 is arising forward. Any other week or extra. Take a look at my yr 2013 in evaluate on my Batu Porcupine weblog. Oh pricey, handiest 5 posts up to now. LOL..what a disgrace. I’ve a just right excuses to mention “I’m busy”. However now not.

In fact I’ve followed 2 domestic dogs since January 2013. Each are mixed-breed domestic dogs of Shih Tzu Poodle and Shih Tzu Pekingese, strangely each domestic dogs are on a vegetarian vitamin.

My pets ~ Lara (feminine) and Milo (male) in snapshot.

Lara N Milo love kissing…

 It is time to take a tub…oh pricey

 The outrageous sound asleep positions of my 2 domestic dogs…Zzzzzz

My Pets

It’s my first time for me to undertake domestic dogs, and really a lot taking part in my time on how to deal with my 2 beautiful new pets ~ My just right partners. Time flies like an arrow…and I spent an excessive amount of time with my pets simply on account of younger domestic dogs want extra consideration and care….severely it’s greater than sufficient.

As a beginner, studying on the right way to caring for my domestic dogs, it may well be tougher second for me. Therefore, I realized it’s about time for me to deal with my herb lawn and updating my weblog proper from now. 

from my busy day by day paintings routines, evaluations of my weblog for selection
therapeutic, herbs and sea chook nest recipes are a ways at the back of time via now. However
this yr 2013 is finishing quickly. I feel I regarded as myself nonetheless as a
human, existence is not just about paintings and nonetheless operating. 

It’s about time to put in writing one thing, is it too great now not being me, I should be too enjoyable for a very long time..

It is so enjoyable ……

My herb lawn 

Ultimately, I
did controlled to stay alongside of my herb lawn via now. I known as this “spring
cleansing”, many of the herb crops are loss of life and dried up. It took a couple of
days for me to spruce up the lawn. Now it’s lineup in series,
trimming is finished, converting new soil, propagation and looking forward to a brand new

My Lawn crops ~~

Loquat Tree (Eriobotrya Japonica) 枇杷

This tiny Loquat tree (Eriobotrya Japonica) is propagated via seeds, and it grows healthily in pot, until its top about 3 toes so that you could transplant it from the pot to the bottom.  

Pastime Fruit

My Pastime fruit flower is blooms and cross-pollinating for fruit bearings.

As I will be able to see from the messy dried leaves and vines, is most likely with out correct care to my lawn. On this season my passionfruit tree is not fruitful and no more productive. It’s slightly rising and bearing end result. Most effective 2 tiny passionfruits striking available in the market. 🙂 Deficient factor…I ain’t pastime to my crops now. Should stick with it!

Barbados Cherry

I like cherries and berries. This one is the glorious anti-cancer fruit tree that I purchased this Barbadous Cherry 3 yrs in the past, and it has many beneficial medicinal advantages. This cherry is referred to as “Barbadous Cherry” an evergreen tree ceaselessly rising end result complete yr spherical.

Barbadous Cherry flower 

Snake berry/ Indian Mockstrawberry

Names and Makes use of:

Clinical Title: Duchesnea indica
(Andrews)Focke, Fragaria indica

English Title :India Mockstrawberry,

Chinese language Title:  Snake Berries, 蛇莓 in pinyin

Belongs to: Rosaceae Plant

complete crops, roots, end result and the leaves can be utilized as selection
drugs. Solar-dried or used contemporary. Rather than the berries will also be eaten
uncooked. Its leaves used to prepare dinner in decoction herb beverages as this can be a
potherb. The medicinal results to regard swell, pores and skin burns, edema and
abscesses. The fruit is suitable for eating with a fairly candy in style. It may be
used for treating pores and skin illnesses…..Learn extra
(click on right here)

Rabbit Milkweed, Xiao Jing Ying

Any other anti-cancer plant ~ Rabbit Milkweed, Xiao Jing Ying in chinese language call.
Remedy and Indications: hepatitis, pneumonia, breast most cancers….learn extra (click on right here)

Chia Seeds Sprouting

Rather than planting, sprouting and micro-green with regards to vitamin. I ideally like Chia Seed sprouting which is a laugh. The refreshing refined texture and freshness is just right for serving inexperienced meals salad, veggie wraps and combination with fruit juices. 


Sprouting is a wonderful interest. No longer handiest that it will possibly get admission to at any time via sprouting from more than a few varieties of bean and seed, I really like Chia seeds for which is best to develop and in visually it provides me a refreshing view. As it’s scrumptious with its unique flavors, perfect for natural vegetable lawn plus it’s simple to get the dietary worth of protein and nutrients. Sprouting is apparently a easy means each in visible and flavors in wonderful eating and uncooked meals nutritional. 

Closing however now not least, revel in this quote…

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