Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Longan Soup Paste

Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Longan Soup Paste

Rice cereal or rice paste, in Chinese language we known as it Mi Hu ‘米糊’。Once we bring to mind Mi Hu ‘米糊’ is slightly very similar to child meals like rice cereal.

Rice paste is finely crushing, in semi-solid fabrics and boiling to shape right into a positive paste. Taking gluten loose like rice cereal this is more uncomplicated in absorption and assist to support gastrointestinal digestive machine to unwell other people, in addition to younger child and aged other people to ease their deficient digestion and absorption, particularly to the aged, their more than a few frame organs serve as is progressively diminishes and recession, making meals into rice cereal and paste shape is unquestionably advisable for them.

Typically rice cereal or nut paste is made out of entire grains, nuts, and beans within the high quality of dried powder or rainy shape foundation like rice paste cooking. To these other people with gastrointestinal digestive machine issues, taking rice paste meals or Mi Hu ‘米糊’ compares to atypical meals the absorption fee is upper and simple in digestion. 

In Conventional Chinese language medication believes that day by day taking entire grains have the advantages and impact of illness prevention. Particularly for the duodenal or gastric most cancers sufferers with deficient urge for food and intestinal downside can use rice cereal as day by day therapeutic foods. 

With the best food and drinks even if is solely the atypical meals, after we devour with suitable way and right kind aggregate in recipe, it provides nice advantages with the healing impact to attaining surprising therapeutic, as in medicinal end result herbal selection therapeutic it actually works. 

So I select this recipe as herbal meals for rejuvenating, calming and therapeutic foundation, but it is helping to rebuild the frayed nerves with this scrumptious healing wholesome dessert soup. Even though it’s slightly numerous arrangements to do, but if bring to mind the well being advantages is price to check out.

I love to make use of almond and nuts as major factor in making rice paste soup. This Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Longan soup recipe is scrumptious in style, wholesome and yummy.  

Batu Porcupine Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Logan Soup Paste

Substances A: 

  • Almond
  • White Fungus
  • Dried Longan
  • Water 500ml

Factor B:

  • Ginkgo Seeds 
  • White Fungus
  • Dried Longan
  • Brown Sugar 
  • 200ml of water 


1.  Take away Ginkgo arduous shell with small hammer to the top of the end to crack open. Take out the Ginkgo nut and take away its embryo which is sour in style and has relatively toxicity content material. 

2.  Soak white fungus for no less than 3 hours, stay draining and converting water period in each one hour, rinse and blank correctly, lower into smaller items. In a position to be used.

3.  Bake the almond nuts in Oven for five mins with low warmth temperature.

Cooking way

Substances B: 

1.  Boil water, cook dinner the Ginkgo nuts and white fungus in boiling water for 10 mins, then upload in dried longan to cook dinner for any other 5 minutes. 

2.  Position apart and able to be used. 

Substances A: 

1.  Put all factor A. in blender cooking pot, mixing and cooking the Almond, white fungus and dried longan into paste shape roughly in 20 mins cooking time.  

2.  Take away factor A from cooking pot, upload in cooked factor B to almond paste and stir neatly. Serve heat. 

This recipe is excellent for insomnia, postpartum blood deficiency after delivery, ease cough, support constipation downside, pores and skin whitening, anti-aging, pores and skin rejuvenation impact, toughen and nourishes lungs and spice up kidney well being. It is helping lengthen growing older and spice up frame immunity machine, to inherent higher impact in conditioning for health and beauty.

Almond can cut back blood ldl cholesterol in addition to cut back possibility of middle illness. It has polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves constipation, wealthy anti-oxidant and anti most cancers. Ease coughing and decreases phlegm, nourishing lungs and beautifying pores and skin rejuvenation, herbal pores and skin whitening impact.

Almonds has the prime medicinal price and wealthy vitamins which is legendary meals used to divergence chilly, cough and bronchial asthma, it has laxative impact, which is very good for lungs well being and skin care. 

Almond content material protecting vitamins like calcium and magnesium, it is helping in combating colon and rectal cancers, robust bones to combating osteoporosis, potassium, fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and nutrition E, the Fatty acid is excellent supply of middle meals, the monounsaturated fatty acids in almond, can assist to decrease ldl cholesterol. Research have proven that potassium is helping in keeping up and balancing of standard blood power ranges for combating the chance of middle illness, and save you most cancers. It’s Low in saturated fats, proteins and minerals.

Almond is excellent good looks meals for pores and skin, wealthy in nutrition E and different antioxidants can save you illness and untimely growing older for nail trimming. 

Fresh clinical research have additionally confirmed that almond can advertise pores and skin micro-circulation, assist in pores and skin rejuvenation like skin care impact. 

Ginkgo Seed 

Ginkgo seed or ginkgo nut is referred to as bai guo in Chinese language. In conventional Chinese language meals we used the seeds and utilized in for making soup, dessert and fried with different meals, It has medicinal impact most commonly used to regard coughing, lungs downside, reminiscence enhancer and enhance kidney well being and aphrodisiac qualities as very best meals for males well being. 

We all the time suppose that ginkgo is excellent well being meals however it additionally can also be toxicity too if overdoses in intake. The ginkgo should be care for with correctly manner to take away the interior embryo from the flesh of the Ginkgo seed. Take a look at to not take raw Ginkgo seeds is very best to cook dinner or boil it to scale back the toxicity. For youngsters beneath age of five is very best to keep away from and must be prohibited to take or prohibit the collection of seeds. 

Ginkgo seed content material of amino acids, natural acids, minerals, fiber, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, multi-trace parts, flavonoid, proteins, Phenol glycosides, excellent supply of B nutrition and different components. Which is prime in meals price and medicinal price, in pharmaceutically is herbal therapeutic well being care meals with medicinal advantages. 

Ginkgo Seed, its nature is nice, sour, astringent, overeating may cause diarrhea. Ginkgo despite the fact that is poisonous as lengthy with the affordable quantity of intake and don’t overdoses, to keep away from damaging poisoning impact. 

Ginkgo has been used broadly as the most important medicinal inhibition meals to regard pores and skin fungi, staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria and typhoid. it may be used to stop and treatment illnesses, and it produces a number of nutritious and wholesome meals. 

1. Day-to-day intakes of 8-10 ginkgo seeds, assist to scale back gynecological illnesses. 

2. Hypertensive sufferers’ day by day consumption of five ginkgo seeds is like taking antihypertensive medicine. The impact is apparent and paintings for hypertensive sufferers 

3. The ginkgo seed, meridian channel to the lungs and kidney, efficacy for continual bronchitis, bronchial bronchial asthma, cough, reduces of phlegm, for nail trimming, it has anti-wrinkle and excellent for pores and skin rejuvenation. 

4. Protective blood vessels, coronary middle illness, arteriosclerosis, build up coronary blood go with the flow, cut back myocardial oxygen intake and advertise blood move, and support the position of the hypoxic tolerance and different healing results and clinical results. 

5. Deal with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia (comparable to ldl cholesterol and triglycerides) within the blood, Leucorrhea, can treatment over the top spermatorrhea, widespread urination, urinary tract an infection, cerebral disorder and different illnesses with particular preventive and healing impact. 

The best way to open ginkgo seed 

Makes use of a small hammer gently knocks the top of the end to crack open and peel off the arduous shell. 

Dried Longan

The dried longan is nutrient-rich, is valuable nourish enhancer and with anticancer results, dried Longan is the herbal tonic for middle and spleen, with a job of dredge the center qi and tonic Center to spice up power and blood, and soothe the nerves. It’s not just a tonic impact additionally added candy aroma and excellent style. Find out about discovered that dried longan has the inhibition impact of 90% fee to uterine most cancers, could also be Gynecologic Oncology excellent meals for girls’s menopausal level, and tonic enhancer to bodily weak point. 

White fungus 

White Fungus, additionally named as cloud ears, snow ears, or Xue er “雪耳”, commonplace title in Chinese language or mandarin pinyin referred to as Bai Mu Er, “白木耳”。

White Fungus is the dietary tonic to moisture the lungs and nourishing to the surface. its meridian channels into the lungs, spleen, abdomen, kidney, colon, assist in enhance kidney, intestines, abdomen qi and blood, it’s refreshing, good looks, rejuvenation, longevity wholesome meals with low energy, prime in calcium content material, with number of carbohydrate, number of minerals, comparable to calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur and iron. It additionally incorporates 18 sorts of amino acids, together with 7 sorts of crucial amino acids. 

Excellent for continual bronchitis and pulmonary middle illness. bloody sputum, strengthening breathing machine for treating dryness of dry cough. 

In good looks and weight misplaced, this can be a excellent herbal supply of herbal complement; it has anti growing older houses and play a job in pores and skin rejuvenation skin care, as a effects to do away with facial melasma, freckles for pores and skin whitening impact and advertise hormone secretion, It’s excellent nutritional fiber which would possibly assist gastrointestinal peristalsis to scale back fats absorption, for the success of weight reduction nutritional fiber meals. White fungus additionally complements the cleansing to liver and the hepatoprotective actions impact. 

White Fungus ~ Bai Mu Er, containing nutrition D, it is helping in combating lack of calcium, which is advisable to the expansion and construction for kids; wealthy in selenium and different hint parts, white fungus has wealthy components of polysaccharides has anti-tumor impact which will toughen in anti-tumor and spice up immunity machine. The acidic polysaccharide can toughen the frame’s immune machine to mobilize lymphocytes enhance the phagocytic task of white blood cells and bone marrow serve as which is malignancy and in addition considerably inhibited. In conventional Chinese language medicinal white fungus is moisture meals to lungs that advantages 5 inside organs, is very best to take white fungus soup or drink after chemotherapy, it believes it will possibly assist in toughen tolerance to radiotherapy, chemotherapy in most cancers sufferers. 


Many of the white fungus promoting in marketplace is more or less excessively in bleaching throughout the sulfur fumigation in drying procedure and to keep away from mildew enlargement for preservation. The burning sulfur to provide into Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites has a bleaching impact. Over the top bleaching in white fungus is extra Sulfur dioxide residues, this may end up in over the top in generated with chemical content material to white fungus. The sulfur dioxide is then shaped with water sulfite, sulfate can will increase bronchospasm and bronchial asthma assaults possibility to well being, when it transformed to a Carcinogenic possibility of chemical substances, Nitrites can simply transformed to nitrosamines, and this chemical formation within the human frame can most likely purpose most cancers. 

Take a look at to not take leftover meals like white fungus, white fungus incorporates nitrates, when in a single day nitrates will breaks down and decomposition of micro organism into Nitrites which is damaging and toxicity to well being. 

With correctly soaking and rinsing with water can cut back the chemical contents. Because the Sulfur dioxide is soluble in water, so earlier than cooking white fungus, attempt to soak for no less than 3 hours, throughout which each one hour stay draining off the soaking water, and converting water durations, this will assist to scale back the chance of taking residual chemical content material in white fungus.


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