Anyone Stolen My Weblog Content material Once more

Someone Stolen My Blog Content Again

After moderately some time, I do know I used to be now not updating new articles for my Batu Porcupine weblog. Proper right here, I sought after to mention this weblog and my arduous works is stolen via anyone ultimate yr, and in any case she had got rid of and closed her weblog once I filed a criticism to Google via caution.

Now once more, I discovered some other blogger in Malaysia via the title of Awin Marine Collagen is the use of a few of Sea Chook Nest recipes, articles, and likewise simply edited all my pictures, then modified to his/her weblog’s title with out my consent. If this actual one that need to expand his/her personal weblog, please put some efforts in
creating your personal weblog and now not simply looking to be outsmart and lazy in one of these approach via ripping my Sea Chook Nest articles, recipes and altered my pictures to his/her personal title, for the aim to pressure the traffics and advertising and marketing his/her merchandise, I discovered the worst
section is that, he/her put a small credit score to Batu Porcupine with no hyperlink to my weblog. That is ridiculous and what ashamed to tearing my stuffs and infringed my weblog content material similar to that.

I am hoping this blogger will have to practice an ethics code to fortify the credibility of your weblog, is aware of what’s reproductionrighted to the landlord. 


The above thumbnail weblog named as Awin Marin Collagen had copied with out my consent and spot from Batu Porcupine’s unique weblog contents and edited my pictures from the next articles as proven beneath:

All my pictures and weblog contents proper here’s copyrighted. I am hoping this particular person Awin Marine Collagen if you want to percentage my weblog articles, simply be sort and please give a correct ‘credit score to my weblog’ with a correct hyperlinks to Batu Porcupine. Or else please kindly take away your weblog content material and likewise the edited pictures which is belonging to Batu Porcupine. 

Whilst you need to use and percentage my weblog or hyperlink to my weblog. Please use with correct manner and habits with admire to your self, and likewise to the landlord of the weblog. Kindly please practice the code of ethics of our worth, habits correct techniques as a blogger. And please don’t infringed my copyrights, I admire in case you did….. 

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