Batu landak – Traditional Chinese Medicine Cures Cancer: My Personal Experience on Porcupine Bezoar, Traditional Chinese Medicine That Cures

I am a Mother of 5. I wanted to give my personal opinion & reviews of this Chinese medicine. Many years back, when my children are young, between the age of 2  to 10 years old, I have encountered many times when my children felt sick. The most common illness is fever & flu.  Especially during the middle of the night, one of my kid, the youngest one. (he was 2 than) when he caught fever, his temperature goes as high as 42 degree Celsius, and if we did not cool him down on time, he will end up with a “fits”. As a parent, imagine how you would feel when you are so helpless seeing your child gowning in pain and suffer a “fits”. (whole body shake for 2 -3 minutes and then fainted)

His conditions remain such, we are so afraid that he has a fever, because, every time when he caught a fever, his temperature goes up very fast, to the point when he gets “fits”. Doctors are unable to provide any good solution, except that we have been given the injection to standby at home. But always, its too late to give him one.

We are so worry as this happened so often, its very damaging to a baby, especially to the brain, we shared our problem with our relative and friends hoping to find a solution, and finally we were introduced to a Chinese  Herbalist (registered) from Malaysia, Mr 羅之鴻草药師.  We consulted him, after understanding our son’s condition, he has advised us to try giving him to take a kind of Chinese medicine, commonly known as porcupine bezoar. (箭猪粉)He said that based on Chinese medicine records passed down from Chinese ancestors, this bezor contained medicinal values of which, current researcher have proven that the “porcupine bezoar” is valuable and effective in treatment of the many illnesses and give amazing results of which our western doctors and medicine cannot control or cure.
As porcupine bezoar is very difficult to get and hence very expensive, ($15k-$20k per nos depending on weight & grade) we cannot afford to buy one.  However, as we have run out of alternatives, and for the sake of our son, we bought 7 tablets (for 7 days) which cost S$400 per tablet.
We gave it to him for continuous 7 days. Thereafter, from that years onward, we did observed that his frequency of fever gets a lot lesser and the fever are all very mild, about 38 degree the most, and have never had a “fits’ there after. Now his 18 years old, he has never had  a ‘fits’ and has been very healthy.  He is now a badminton captain in his school team. We were amazed, surprised and confused, of course happy to see him healthy.

Over the years, we have created awareness about this medicine to friends, and friends of friends, whom might have run out of solution to their health problems to try. Feedback we get is very positive and indeed it cures illnesses.  We did not sell and do not benefit from anyone buying this, we are just giving an alternative suggestions and truth reviews. But we have been buying the real staff for many years and kept some spare at home. (please made sure you big the real one, don’t falls into scam)

I wrote this post because I wanted people to know that apart from the Western and Chinese Doctor easily available to us, there are also this so call “aborigines” method that gave surprising and amazing result.

I understand that this porcupine bezoar can also be very effective to the following :
Pre & post surgery , cancer, dengue fever, Liver disease, infection-related disease, skin diseases, acne, tumor, hardening of coronary vessels. For relieving wind, heartburn, gastric and other diseases.

This article is to help informed those whom are in the early state of the cancer or illness, who need alternatives, can try look out for such traditional medicine.  As it is today, if you go google search, several real incidences have proven that porcupine bezoar stone as one amazing alternative chinese medicine for almost all kinds of diseases even tumor and cancer.

I wish you good luck and good health!

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