Herbal Sea Fowl Nest Tablets

Natural Sea Bird Nest Capsules

 Sea Fowl Nest Tablets (90 tablets)

Herbal Natural Suitable for eating Skin care From The Sea!

Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed,often referred to as “Sea Fowl Nest”, in chinese title as 海燕窝 “Hai Yan Wo”

This marine product is a marine algae, which is accommodates natural or photo-synthetic nutrients, hint minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega3 and omega-6, anti oxidants, expansion hormones, polyphenols and flavonoids.


Sea Fowl Nest or Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed also accommodates of Fucoidan, Laminarin and Alginate compounds. Research counsel that those are anti-biotic and anti-viral. Herbal Natural Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed is wealthy in collagen protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and different minerals, Its microglia is 10 occasions of the shark fins and chicken nest, 28 occasions of the animal liver iron and 37 occasions of fish calcium content material. They have been for sure superb for the dietary worth of meals. Vegetarians and the aged is needed for a majority of these dietary complements.

The collagen protein and enzymes, minerals, nutrition and many others are ready to keeping up the nice digestive purposes, herbal well being meals to advertise common bowel motion, and control physiological purposes, nourishing frame and enhances bodily physically, common consumption of Herbal Sea Fowl Nest assist to reaching a younger and stunning pores and skin, longevity and care for a wholesome lifestyles taste.

It’s particularly excellent and is edible pores and skin
care, excellent complement and vegetarian vitamin to steadiness their day-to-day fiber vitamin intakes. It grows
naturally and accommodates no synthetic fertilizer or chemical. With
comprise important amino acids, non caloric, tremendous low-fat and
multi-fibre purposes, contents of soluble fibre are very top and
the lively components, its polar soluble fibre will alter insulin
to stay blood sugar steadiness and
save you from the diabetes led to through hyperglycemia. It
additionally removes
unfastened radical successfully for
detoxify frame organs and turn on cellular tissues for metabolism and

In brief, Eucheuma / Sea Fowl Nest
Advantages :

  • It changes frame acidity
  • Assist to scale back ldl cholesterol
  • It’s diuretic and excellent supply of low caloric vitamin
  • Just right healing powers for neck ache and edema.
  • It has antibacterial energy, expulsion of toxin
  • It is helping to forestall thyroid and hair loss
  • Save you constipation, abdomen pain, ulcer and diarrhea
  • Long run gastrointestinal illness, hyper acidity and dyspepsia 
  • Development high blood pressure and the hypo-tension
  • Allows the thyroid gland serve as normalization
  • To removes nephritis successfully, arthritis,
  • Strengthens the blood vessel, promotion blood movement.
  • Improves rheumatism, drawback on joint pain and backache
  • Appropriate complement of herbal collagen for joint cartilage, strengthens
    the body and ligament
  • Improves drawback on joint pain and backache
  • Herbal natural sea plant for vegetarian and older age for its
    complement in wealthy calcium and iron.
  • Supreme weight misplaced vitamin for menopausal and weight problems peoples.
  • It’s herbal skin care from sea to fortify nail filing and anti-aging in addition to well being care. 

Available in the market now promoting this Sea Fowl Nest in tablet shape, for the comfort intake and save time going throughout the tough cooking procedures. It also promoting in sachets shape well being care drinks like Sea Fowl Nest White espresso, Sea Fowl Nest Espresso, Sea Fowl Nest Chocolate Malt Drink and dried shape of Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed. Because the Sea Bird Nest is derived purely concentrated from its herbal resources into tablets.  It’s simple to eat and but its herbal and purely focus of the powder shape nonetheless meet the day-to-day nutritional necessities for keeping up excellent health.

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