LONGEVITOLOGY (Chang Sen Xue in Chinese)

What is Longevitology?

By Aunty Sandy
If you have heard of Reiki, Quantum Touch, Super Charging Quantum Touch, The Reconnection, Pranic Healing, etc. then you will have an idea what Longvitology is.
For those who have never heard of any of the above healing technique, well they are all natural healing modalities which uses the same tool, that is, the Universal Energy and the human body-the hands and the method is to channel the Universal Energy to one who requires healing by the laying-on of hands. Human, animals and plants can also benefits from this healing energy.
Apart from using the same basic tool, each of the above modality is also different in their own way, in term of concepts, theories, technique and ideologies but they are all equally effective.

Why Longevitology?
Longevitology or (Chang Sen Xue in Chinese, which translates as “study of long life”) is easy to learn, effective and with a very noble cause. Their objective is – Saving People with Compassion. Its organization, The Longevitology Benevolent Foundation Preparatory Committee is a non-profit organization.
The Master Teachers Tzu-Chen Lin and Master Yu-Feng Wei, with love, compassion and commitment, travel globally to teach Longevitology classes, free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn. Classes are held in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Tahiti, Taiwan and the United States annually or semi-annually. Already, more than a hundred thousand students have attended Longevitology classes and I am proud to be one of them.
The goal of the organization is to train individual to reach out with loving hands to help others suffering from pain, illness and distress, free of charge. Free Adjustment (healing) Centers have been set-up in all of the above countries. To find if there is one near you, please go to
http://www.changsenxue.idv.tw (Main webpage)
http://www.longevitology.ca (Canada)

How It Works: Benefits

Extracted from http://www.longevitology.org

People who received Longevitology energy adjustments reported the following common benefits:
  • Calmness;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Pain relief; deeper, more restful sleep;
  • Increased energy;
  • Relief from migraines, tension headaches and back pain;
  • Increase mental alertness;
  • Faster healing of injuries,
  • Regular elimination;
  • Shrinking of tumors;
  • Improved quality of life,
  • Among others.
It is important to note that the energy adjustments do not cure or treat any diseases and are not a substitution for regular medical care. By restoring energy balance, they may promote the body’s ability to heal itself.

An Introduction to Longevitology

Extracted from A Primer of Longevitology
By Longevitology Benevolent Foundation Preparatory Committee
Longevitology uses the human body as a channel to receive energy from the universe (hereinafter referred as “universal energy”). After attending the classes, students will have their chakra opened. They are then able to improve their health via mediation and self-healing exercise. They can also apply Longevitology to improve the health of others.
Longevitology is easy to learn and is fast-acting and effective, PRACTICE AND HEALING CAN BE DONE AT ANY TIME, ANY PLACE. From meditation to relaxing the mind from receiving to directing the energy, NO THOUGHTS ARE NECESSARY. It does not require complicated body postures or movements. The body acquires the required energy naturally, without any compulsion. As such, there are NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS. The body unites with the universe in a natural, relaxed manner to allow the development of our potential energy. When this energy enters our body, our chi (or energy) and blood flow smoothly, thus energizing every cell in our body and enabling every organ to function properly. Good health is then achieved. From the perception of Chinese medical practice, illnesses are mainly caused by unbalance flow of chi and blood in our body. This perception is similar to that of western medical practice, which uses metabolism and cell reconstruction to explain health. There are some illnesses that are caused by germs or viruses. Along with the enhancement of the immune system and the increase of antibodies in our body following the active flow of chi and blood, these illnesses will disappear naturally. THE TOXINS OF THE DISEASES ARE EXPELLED BY THE METABOLIC SYSTEM OF THE BODY, as such, the person rendering the healing and the receiving party will not contract each other’s diseases. This explains why Longevitology can help both oneself and others.
From another viewpoint, the causes of illnesses can be grouped into three major categories, i.e. “PHYSICAL”, “MENTAL” AND “SPIRITUAL”. Therefore, the perception that good health is achievable with the elevation of the physical, mental and spiritual levels can be briefly explained as follows.
Let’s start with the “PHYSICAL” illness. We all know that the aging of our physical body, diet, posture, environment, occupation, habits, over exertion, accidents, etc. all affect our health. If these external factors are the only cause of the illnesses, then the body condition can be improved within a short period of time by correctly identifying these causes and diligently practicing healing to promote smooth flow of chi and blood.
Let’s now talk about the “MENTAL” illness. We are aware that our state of mind affects our health. Our thoughts, emotions, desires, greed, etc. often generate worries, anxieties, anguish, depression, fear, dissatisfaction, grudges, hatred, jealousy and other negative elements, which in turn lead to unbalanced hormone secretion and changes in our bodies.
This phenomenon is a result of intersection between the internal and external factors, which unconsciously settles in our minds. These disturbing complex thoughts may surface when we meditate. In fact, these are thoughts that we have not been able to let go. Since these thoughts affect one mentally, naturally they will affect one physically. IN OTHER WORDS, BY ELIMINATING SUCH THOUGHTS, THE HIDDEN CAUSE AND ROOT CAUSE OF THE ILLNESSES WILL ALSO BE ELIMINATED.
When we mediate, our brains get to rest and our minds become lucid with greater analytical ability, thus allowing wisdom to emerge. At this point, we can then analyze the negative thoughts, self-reflect and review the follies and wrongdoings of our past, present and future, so that more of these burdens and attachments can be freed. A Chinese proverb says, “OBJECT MANIFEST IMAGE AND EVENT MANIFEST MIND”. Therefore, BY ERASING THE NEGATIVE ELEMENTS OF OUR MINDS THROUGH SELF-REFLECTION, WE ELEMINATE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, which are the root causes of illnesses. With more burdens freed from our minds, good mental health is achieved. In other words, Longevitology is a skill in “learning how to let go”.
Let us now touch on the “SPIRITUAL” illness although minority suffers from such illnesses. These include medically untreatable ailments generally attributable to the cause and effect, bad karma, spiritual possession, etc. Longevitology healing not only heals the patient who is suffering from such spiritual illness, but at the same time heals the “spirit” which is the cause of such illness. Through the love we give during healing, the patient may self-reflect and realize any past wrongdoings and be induced to make penitence to the wronged “spirit”. The Longevitology healer, while channeling the universal energy, at the sametime, can provide both parties with some sound advice and benign knowledge, so that both may “let go” of past grudges and genuinely forgive each other. Only through FORGIVENESS, LETTING GO, REPENTANCE AND GOOD DEEDS CAN ONE’S BUMPY LIFE BE SMOOTHENED OUT. (The advanced class will feature more in-depth discussions on the cause of spiritual illnesses and the ways to treat them.)
From our vast experience in teaching Longevitology, it has been ascertained that any cause of il
lness, be it from the physical, mental or spiritual, can be rectified if the practitioners extend their hands with compassion to help the patients. A proverb says, ‘HEAVEN ALWAYS GRANTS KIND WISHES AND BLESSES KIND THOUGHTS.”
LONGEVITOLOGY is a practice involving the body, the mind and the spirit. It originated from Dr. Lin Tze-Hung, a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, California. Upon exposure to the school of “energy” medical practice, Dr. Lin recommended it to Teacher Lin Tze-Chen and Teacher Wei Yu-Feng. Subsequently, through hands-on clinical experiences, Teacher Lin Tse-Chen and Teacher Wei Yu-Feng disposed the unnecessary impracticalities, refined it with new concepts, theories and methods, thereby creating a new path in the modern day search for physical, mental and spiritual health.

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