Porcupine Bezoar vs Dengue-A real story!

Quite some time ago the bf had Dengue Fever and that was one of the most nightmarish experience for me ever!

17th. July, 2009
He was feeling very cold during work, he was almost shivering! I kept getting SMS updates from him saying how freezingly cold and sick he’s feeling. Thinking maybe it was hunger that striked him, he went to the canteen to grab a bite to eat. Somehow, it didn’t help and he began feeling feverish.

He had to take the remaining day off to go home and get some rest. On the way home, he went to see a doctor and got some medicines home. Doctor said, suspected dengue. After taking the medicines and resting, the fever subsided. And after a while, it came back. Off and on… something must be very wrong.

18th. July, 2009
Indeed, he seemingly recovered from fever and was feeling…. okay. He was about to have his night shift work that day, but I insisted he better not go to work, just in case he’s still not well. The bf tried looking for colleagues to replace him for the night but oh well, mission failed. He had to go to work somehow.

In the midst of working, as expected. The fever came back and it was worse this time around. He MMS-ed me a picture of himself and I was shocked to see the picture which is this…

His cheeks were so red and I know something is very wrong already. He tahan-ed through the night somehow and throughout the entire night, I did not have a good sleep.

19th. July, 2009
Bf came back from work early in the morning and came to pick me up to accompany him to KPJ Hospital, Seremban to have a blood test on Dengue Fever. It isn’t surprising to me even if he is tested positive for that, because at the residential area we are staying… there has been 10 cases of Dengue Fever already. After taking the blood test, he was confirmed having a Dengue Fever. His Platelet count was 154 ( normal range 150 – 309 ).

He took the day off from work and stayed at my place to be taken care of. I made him papaya leaves juice which was claimed to be able to sustain Platelet counts. To get the papaya leaves, dad was slightly injured and both dad and I was chased by a mad dog I almost lost a limb damn it! After serving bf the papaya leaves juice, dad and I went out in a hurry to look for ‘ tin kai ‘ a type of frog and bitter gourd for bf as dinner.

20th. July, 2009
It was a Monday and I had to go to work. Left Simon at home for mum to take care of his meals. In the morning, he went back to KPJ for another blood test and oh my… Platelet count fell to 119. He had to be warded immediately. Bf’s phobia came by…

I rushed to the hospital during lunch and brought him the frog + bitter gourd soup mum made for him as lunch that day. As expected, I rushed to the hospital again after work and dinner. This lasted for a few good days! And right after visiting him, I have to rush home for US market until midnight. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I think I was about to fall sick as well.

21st. July, 2009
Routines go as usual…. the visits and rushing and blood tests. Bf went to the toilet and almost collapsed in there. His vision was blurred and later having a blackout! Nurses came to measure his blood pressure and it was really low, 75/58. Some hours later blood test result showed that his Platelet count continued falling to 112 already. He was immediately transferred to the ICU. No handphones allowed, I couldn’t get anymore updates from him.

I went to visit him again during lunch and I brought him something great. The porcupine bezoar! That one tablespoon of powder costs RM 500! With a sneeze towards it and it’s gone! Poofff! Just joking, Simon ate it although he doesn’t even know what the heck is that thing. So expensive that 5 Jogoya meals gone just like that.

During that night, he had too much gas from consuming 100 plus; he vomitted. All out. I was so worried the porcupine bezoar didn’t managed to be digested in time and was out as well. He was greatly demotivated. At that point of time his Platelet count was very low already, but I have forgotten the figure. I seriously thought he was gonna die and I will have to get a new bf for good.

22nd. July, 2009
Platelet count shot up to 89. Yippeeee! I was the happiest person when I heard that. It gets better as time goes by and he was transferred back to normal ward. On a side note, a nurse came to take a blood sample and don’t know how she did it, but she was poking Simon’s arm non-stop until he was bruised.

His final blood test result shown that the Platelet count has increased back to 119. Indeed the porcupine bezoar works! He was discharged. I didn’t have to look for a new bf.

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