By Michael Masterman
(Extracted from The NLP Secret)
Do you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Enjoy Extreme Self-Confidence & Get Rid of Issues? This SECRET, Long-Lost NLP TECHNIQUE can Help! Used by Anthony Robbins & taught by Dr John Grinder.
Start with just ten minutes of your time and YOU can be on your way to TURNING AROUND virtually ANY area of your life, using this POWERFUL personal development technique. And some people only need to do it once, too.
This amazing technique can help you enjoy EXTREME CONFIDENCE on all levels, unlock your hidden CHARISMA, let go of LIFE-LONG personal issues, dissolve YOUR fears, and it can even help you get rid of “REAL” problems, such as pain and impotence. We call it The NLP SECRET.
It’s a special technique used by world-famous self-help guru Anthony Robbins in his one-on-one sessions, and taught by Dr John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP.
And, for the first time ever, now the NLP Secret is being unveiled. To YOU…
“The Most Powerful Technique I’ve Ever Discovered!” It Helps You Gain Extreme Confidence & Drop Issues!
Build Awesome Public Speaking Skills … & More!
I’m Michael Masterman, and I’d like to welcome you to this website :
Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked in the personal development industry, helping individuals unlock the power of the mind.
I’ve written many best-selling books, including The Speed Reading Secret, the Hypnosis Coach, and, Genius Mindset. I also helped to create the powerful motivational tool, The Motivator.
I’ve dedicated my LIFE to exploring the secrets of the MIND.
And eight years ago, I uncovered perhaps the biggest secret EVER – The NLP Secret!
It’s a secret technique that will help you cast away hindering problems & issues and help get yourself into ANY state of mind. What’s more, you can start making changes in just MINUTES.
• Want EXTREME self-confidence? Use this 10 minute technique
• Want AMAZING public speaking skills? Use this 10 minute technique.
• Want to let go of DEEP, DEEP ISSUES for good? Use this 10 minute technique.
It’s an amazing method of self-change called the NLP Secret – and I’d like to share it with you..
Let Me Take You Back Eight Years – To London!
Read About the NLP Secret Story, And How Young Leo Changed From a Shy Musician to a Confidence King!
It’s eight years ago, and I’m sitting in a training room in London. In front of me is Matthew Davis, my personal mentor in the world of NLP.
Not sure what NLP is?
NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming.” It’s one of the most POWERFUL methods of changing your thoughts in the quickest tim
e possible. It works by talking to your brain in it’s own “language” – and altering how you think about things.
It’s often used as an alternative to psychotherapy. It’s INCREDIBLY popular, and can WORK WONDERS.
And Matthew Davis is the MASTER.
I watch as Matthew Davis asks Leo a few questions about himself. Fidgeting on his chair, Leo stutters out an answer. He’s obviously very shy and lacking in self-confidence.
Matthew asks for the one thing Leo would like to change in his life.
Stumbling, he replies: “Girls! I’m terrible around girls! I just burn up inside and feel terrible. I can NEVER pull out a good conversation. I’m bad!”
He is very obviously the shyest person in the room. So, Matthew Davis makes him try out a little experiment.
It takes just ten minutes.
As I watch, I realize I’ve witnessed what seemed to be a miracle!
Leo is suddenly laughing and full of more confidence than everyone in the room combined. He’s joking around. He sings a little ditty for us. He even goes on to chat up the girl sitting next to me.
He’s a Confidence King!
Matthew Davis sits back and smiles.
After, I ask him: “What was that? I’ve never seen that technique before EVER!”
And Matthew tells me…
“It’s the NLP Secret. And I Only Ever Teach It LIVE!” He Was Right. I Searched 22 Leading NLP Books –
And Couldn’t Find This Guarded Secret ANYWHERE!
I couldn’t believe it.
This was undoubtedly the most powerful personal development technique I’ve ever heard of.
And it could be used for absolutely ANYTHING!
With just a one-off investment of TEN MINUTES, this technique could help anyone to…
• Enjoy EXTREME self-confidence on ALL levels! Instant charisma!
• Blast through ALL of the limiting thoughts that are holding your back!
• Instantly release on long-standing PERSONAL ISSUES, forever!
• Get rid of your FEARS – from public speaking to dating to spiders!
• Effectively treat “REAL” problems, such as impotence and pain!
And the method is SIMPLE.
Yet this NLP Secret was ONLY being shared with those affluent enough to attend the most advanced NLP courses held by Matthew Davis and a few elite NLP leaders.
Until, that is, TODAY.
Discover EXACTLY How the NLP Secret Works –
How It Can Help YOU Gain EXTREME Self-Confi
dence & Help You Solve Your Friend’s Problems Too!
So, how does this POWERFUL NLP SECRET really work?
To begin, you find a negative pattern that happens automatically in your life (or in the life of your client, if you’re a therapist).
Negative patterns include feelings such as SHYNESS, FEAR, STRESS, PROCRASTINATION, ANGER and FEELING STUCK.
And then, once you’ve identified the problem, you simply perform a little trick involving the body.
It’s VERY SIMPLE – and it takes about 10 MINUTES for it to start working.
No years of therapy.
No weeks of training.
Just TEN MINUTES from starting, you’ll begin to see results.
Privately, the developers called this method the “Physiology of Success” or the “Physiology of Excellence”. But it’s secrets were NEVER unveiled publicly.
So, armed with this secret new technique, I went out into the world and practiced.
And I found the results AMAZING.
FINALLY – After THIRTY-FIVE YEARS of Silence, The NLP Secret Used By Dr John Grinder & Tony Robbins Is Unveiled to the World…
I can’t hold it in any longer.
You see, the NLP Secret is – quite honestly – the most POWERFUL method of self-change I’ve ever discovered.
I’m not the sort of man that makes wild claims easily. But I’d happily bet my entire career, my industry reputation, my house, my car AND my life savings on that fact!
The NLP Secret can help ANYBODY change almost ANY area of their life.
No more years in self-help workshops. No more extortionate therapist costs.
Whether you want:
  • Complete SELF CONFIDENCE, during ANY situation – including dates!
  • Total release from ANY FEAR – fear of heights, fear of public speaking!
  • FREEDOM from limiting personal issues – let go of big issues from your past!
  • Get out of FEELING STUCK forever – release ANY frustration, for good
  • Absolute ASSERTIVENESS at all times – live with integrity and honesty!
  • Full-Blown SELF LOVE – no matter how much you “dislike” your own face!
… This is the technique that can help make it happen.
Think about this list. It covers basically ANY personal development or self-growth issue you’re EVER likely to come across.
Well, for the FIRST TIME EVER, now YOU can enjoy the NLP Secret.
I’ve delved into the NLP archives and teamed up with THREE leading NLP gurus to help produce a brand new course that teaches EVERYTHING you need to know to begin using it (whether personally or professionally) – within MINUTES.
Hale Carlton, Paul Spears, and Michael Mclauglin are the three experts that have teamed up with me to help produce the world’s FIRST course on the NLP Secret.
In our audio cou
rse, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to apply the NLP Secret – anywhere, any time, and to anyone – and it’s easy to learn.
The CD contains a full introduction, everything you need to know, and three UNIQUE exercises to help YOU change YOUR life – while you listen!
So – Are you READY to enjoy total change, and access the NLP Secret for yourself?

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