What is a real & original Porcupine Bezoar (何谓正宗豪猪枣)?

*Genuine porcupine bezoar is able to heal and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Here are the lists of the “MYTHS” and assumptions made by the public, TCM doctors, Herbs Supplier etc:

1. Porcupines when sick will look for the herbs to cure themselves and over a period of time, the bezoars will form itself inside the body of the porcupine.

2. Out of 1000 or 10,000 porcupines, you can only find ONE (1) bezoar formed in the body of the sick porcupine and usually obtained from the aborigines living in the jungle.

3. Porcupine bezoars are categorized as (a) Grassy type, (b) Powder type, (c) Mixture of Both, (d) Blooded type, (e) Black type, (f) Kernel type.

4. It is mainly found in Indonesia, some part of Sabah & Sarawak and some Asia counterparts.

5. The taste must be bitter and secretion of saliva when dissolve in the mouth.

6. The bezoars grow in the feet, head/brain (Blood type), and other body parts of the porcupine.

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